Man Laughed As He Wrapped Up His £250K Lamborghini

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Man Laughed As He Wrapped Up His £250K Lamborghini lambo

A man who walked away from a crash that left his £250,000 Lamborghini destroyed thought the whole situation was pretty funny.

The unknown driver reportedly boasted that he would “buy another one tomorrow” as he walked away from the accident that narrowly missed a small child and her grandfather.

He lost control of the supercar, hitting a tree before smashing through a bollard just meters from a Leicestershire primary school – the car can do a top speed of 202mph.

Man Laughed As He Wrapped Up His £250K Lamborghini lambo2

Passerby, Martin Johnson, was walking his nine-year-old at the time of the accident:

I was quite angry at the time because I was walking my granddaughter home after picking her up from after school activities.

The driver seemed to lose control after he came off the roundabout causing him to spin the car around a couple of times and hit a nearby tree.

As the car hit the tree one of the back wheels came off, narrowly missing us by about 10 feet. This was a massive wheel that could have done some serious damage.

The kids were very very scared, but when the driver got out he was laughing and after a while started to boast that he would “just go out and buy another one tomorrow”.

I think we were very lucky.