Man Tortures His Daughter’s Rapist To Death Gets 25 Years

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A man from Delhi turned himself into police after torturing a man to death for raping his 14-year-old daughter.

Apparently the 36-year-old father invited the 45-year-old rapist to his house for dinner, he cooked for him before tying him to a chair, burned his bollocks with hot tongs and then strangled him with a towel. It sounds like a scene out of some revenge-thriller film.

The incident took place on a Friday night in November, after finding out that his daughter was raped And subsequently pregnant from it.

He couldn’t tell anyone about what had happened other than his wife because it would bring shame and dishonour to his family, making it hard for his daughter to marry.

He said:

“I started thinking what is point of living this life if I can’t get justice for my daughter.”

Man Tortures His Daughters Rapist To Death Gets 25 Years delhi2

Speaking to the Mail Online from his phone, he continued:

“Initially, I didn’t want to kill him and asked him to quietly leave my home and life but he taunted me. I became very, very angry and lost my mind.

“I wrapped a towel around his neck and tied his hand, and dragged him to the floor. I switched on the gas and put the iron tongs and made it hot.

“I could have run away and even destroyed the body but instead I went to police after three hours and told them about what I had done. He was a blot on society and a constant threat to women.

“Can you imagine this man is the father of two married daughters – yet he dared to do this my young innocent daughter.”

He later said that he doesn’t regret his decision to torture the man.

He has since been charged with murder and could face up to 25 years in prison. Is that a fair sentence or too hash considering the circumstances?