Man’s Lost Wallet Returned To Him 14 Years Later, With Interest

By : Alex Bentley |



I lost my wallet once. I thought it was gone forever. Until a woman found it and searched for me on Facebook going by my ID inside, then returned it to me. I felt SO grateful. Especially as all of the very little money in it was still there.

I would have DEFINITELY given up hope had there been £720 in it… Especially after 14 years.

Ivica Jerkovic from Croatia lost his wallet with that exact amount in it back in 2001, but it was returned to him recently in the post… With over £1000 inside. Winner.


Speaking to a newspaper in Croatia, he said:

First I though that someone was joking with me so I went to check whether the money was real.

I believe that this money saved him and for years he was calculating how much he should return to me. Otherwise, I don’t know why he would keep the wallet for all those years.

I call on him to contact me. He is the best personal banker in Croatia!

It’s just as well he lives in the same house still, otherwise there’d be a very confused, and slightly richer person in his place!