Man Who Invented ‘Operation’ Boardgame Can’t Afford His Own Surgery

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Man Who Invented Operation Boardgame Cant Afford His Own Surgery johnspinello

This is John Spinello, the man who invented popular boardgame Operation. You probably got it for Christmas once. No, you definitely did.

Back in the 1960s, John sold the rights to the game for a measly $500. It was a lot back then, and he was just a student. However, in 2014, Spinello can’t even afford his OWN surgery.

After going bankrupt a few years ago, the $25,000 needed for emergency oral surgery was out of his grasp. Until recently..

In a small twist of fate, friends set up a fundraiser for the man who has brought fun into the homes of countless children, and, as of today it has surpassed its goal.

He may still be broke, but he’ll get the operation he badly needs. Nice work, humans beings!