Man With Serious Case Of Road Rage Takes Things Too Far By Smashing His Audi Into Another Car

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Martin Vigil is an angry man. In fact, he is an angry man with a serious case of road rage.

The 48-year-old decided that it was not only ok to leave the scene of an accident, but that he would take things a little bit further after he was followed by the guy who he had got into the accident with.

Said guy was certainly out of order by following and kicking Vigil’s Audi, but crazy Vigil then took things seriously too far – by getting back into his car and driving straight at the other car.

Chaos clearly ensued and the resulting video shows that contrary to his claims, Martin was not the victim – he is a dangerous man who deserves the criminal charges now thrown at him!

[via Brobible]