Manchester United Skipper Hits The Deck After Boxing Spar Goes Wrong

By : Rebecca Knight |



Wayne Rooney may find himself in a little bit of hot water after this video of him emerged online – but for once it will not be WAG Coleen who is the angry party. Nope, Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal will be the one fuming with his player after seeing the latest off the field balls up from the forward.

The England and United skipper was sparring with Phil Bardsley, who played with Rooney at United before being shipped out to Stoke City, and it all went epically wrong after boxing fan Rooney hit the deck when a left hook from his pal got a bit out of hand.

United fans don’t need to worry given the video was taken a month ago at the forward’s mansion – but it is probably a good idea for him to refrain from doing anything like that again!

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After having a look at the video, it is pretty safe to say that not only is being at Stoke City rubbing off on Bardsley but that Louis van Gaal would NOT have been a happy chappy if his star forward’s on the field performance had been adversly affected. At least Rooney can rest safe in the knowledge that his IQ will remain untouched.