Marine Returns Home To Find Wife Cheating On Him With Another Veteran

By : Rebecca Knight |


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When one Marine returned home from duty early in order to surprise his wife and daughter, he had no idea that he would get the shock of his life.

When he entered his house, the unnamed Marine found his wife, naked, with another man – who was also a veteran, while his daughter was looking on.

The Marine then asks his wife what she thought she was doing, while his daughter can be heard shouting ‘Daddy’ in the background, and he then proceeds to ask the veteran for his name and his rank.

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He tells the other man to ‘get the f*ck out my house’ and adds that he’s lucky he hasn’t been beaten up, something we have to agree with really.

The shocking incident was captured on camera, with the Marine already having his camera phone recording as he entered the house and eventually found his wife.

Quite why he had his camera phone recording in the first place is another matter altogether, but even if he did harbour suspicions about what his wife was doing while he was away serving his country, it’s still a pretty shocking thing to come home to.


Daily Mail