Mark Wahlberg Forgiven By Attempted Murder Victim

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Mark Wahlberg actually used to be a massive dick. Before he was Marky Mark he apparently had a cocaine addiction at the age of just 13.

He had a string of criminal offences as a young teenager that included assault, theft and even attempted murder when he punched Johnny Trinh in the eye and shouted racial abuse.

Wahlberg thought that he left Trinh blind in one eye ever since the attack, but the victim has revealed that he lost his eye before the incident when he was part of the US forces fighting against Communists in South Vietnam.

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Trinh, has spoken up and given his pardon to Wahlberg for the violent crime he committed when he was 16. At the time Wahlberg served 45 days in custody for the assault.

Apparently Trinh had no idea that the boy who attacked him 27 years ago grew up to be the Hollywood star that is Mark Wahlberg.

Johnny Trinh