Mass Amounts Of ‘The Interview’ DVD To Be Dropped Over North Korea

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Mass Amounts Of The Interview DVD To Be Dropped Over North Korea the interview

There was a rumour last month that thousands of copies of ‘The Interview’ DVD will be dropped over North Korea en masse. Well, this is now confirmed.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “WTF is a DVD?”. Don’t worry, I looked it up, and it’s just a rectangle shaped case with a disk in it.

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Anyway, Jaka Bizilj, founder and chairman of the Cinema for Peace Foundation, is going ahead with the idea that he originally brainstormed and will be dropping a shit t*n of copies into the country using hydrogen balloons.

At a press conference Monday, Jaka said:

We will start sending hydrogen balloons with DVDs of The Interview to North Korea so that the people there can watch the movie. They can copy the movie and have their own impression if it’s a good or bad movie.

Because for us, it’s not a question of whether it’s good or bad; no matter if you like something or not, you have to fight for freedom to exercise this art.

Details of when the drop is happening, and where exactly, are still unconfirmed. But it DOES have a green light.

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