Massive Jellyfish With 6ft Tentacles Are Washing Up On Britain’s Beaches

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Massive Jellyfish With 6ft Tentacles Are Washing Up On Britains Beaches 188SWNS

Loads of massive jelyfish have been washing up on Britain’s beaches. And they are horrible.

Brilliantly timed just as the beach weather (or as close to it as Britain gets), loads of minging jellyfish are turning up. I’m not into that at all… They terrify me!

These barrel jellyfish have been stranded on the beach in Portland, Dorset, when the tide goes out. They can have tentacles as long as 6ft, and are normally found in the Mediterranean sea.

Steve Trewhella is a marine and wildlife photographer that found 25 of them on one beach at the same time.

He said:

There are significantly more than last year. I am surprised they have hung around for two years.

These events need to be monitored as it could be part of much bigger and more concerning figure.

I have been documenting them for in excess of 30 years and before last year had not seen these since the 1980s.

I thought last year might have been a one off but a year later these giant jellyfish are back washing up on British beaches in bigger numbers than ever before.

They could be just having a good couple of years but with warming seas and climate change it could be a sign of something.

Massive Jellyfish With 6ft Tentacles Are Washing Up On Britains Beaches 226SWNS

The jellyfish are apparently harmless and have no sting, but Steve advises you not to touch them. Cheers Steve… Not that I would have anyway.

I can’t really explain why I hate them. Well… I can. Look at them. The fact that you can’t see through the muggy British seawater doesn’t help. So when you manage to avoid the jonnies, broken bottles and syringes, you’ve got these shits to worry about. No thanks!


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