Master Troll Paints ‘Welcome To Cleveland’ On Home Next To Milwaukee Airport

By : Sam Ridgway |


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Mark Gubin likes to f*ck with people, and he proved it tenfold this week using his own home…

For the past few decades, Mark has been living under a flightpath next door to the Milwaukee airport, so he thought it would be a good laugh to paint ‘WELCOME TO CLEVELAND’ on his roof. He wasn’t wrong.

The message has been on his roof confusing plane passengers for years, which, was his intention all along. It has been pretty successful in the past, too, even sending a plane full of passengers into a panic because they’d believed they had missed their layover.

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In all fairness, it’s pretty cruel, but all a bit of harmless fun – and Mr Gubin is so proud that he still has a letter of complaint from former Common Council president Ben E. Johnson, in which he describes the sign as causing ‘outrage and panic’ among air passengers.