Matt LeBlanc Sings Joey’s Songs From Friends On The Graham Norton Show

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Matt LeBlanc Sings Joeys Songs From Friends On The Graham Norton Show MLB WEB

Friends finished in 2004 but Matt LeBlanc will always be associated with Joey Tribiani.

The 47-year-old appeared on The Graham Norton Show last night to promote the new season of Episodes, but it was inevitable that the subject of Friends would come up eventually.

Norton brought up Joey’s musical numbers in the show, leading to renditions of songs from episodes ‘The One With The Butt’ and ‘The One in Vegas’ courtesy of LeBlanc.

First, Le Blanc sang a song from Joey’s infamous musical ‘Freud!’, then performed a short version of the song Joey invents about his identical hand twin.

You can check out the hilarious clip below, which might revive those rumours about a Friends reunion. It’s just a shame he didn’t give ‘Smelly Cat’ a whirl.