McDonald’s Will Soon Test Out The Breakfast Menu ALL DAY

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A McDonald’s breakfast was probably a treat for you when you were a kid. Then as a teenager, you were never up in time to make the 10.30am cut off point. Then came your early twenties where you could roll into McDonald’s and get a McMuffin because you were still out from the night before.

Now, the landscape of the breakfast menu is changing – well in the US at least – where the fast food joint is trialling keeping the menu available ALL DAY.

You can have an evening hash brown should you wish. A sausage and egg McMuffin as a lunch snack. The sky is the limit.

Sadly the fate of the UK breakfast extension rests on the success of the USA trial – not that we have any doubts it will work. It’s a freaking amazing idea and frankly, one we’ve been calling for since time began.

People of the USA. This NEEDS to work because we want to have all day breakfasts here in the UK as well. We are putting our trust in you. Don’t let us down!

[via Uproxx]