Meerkat Movies Is The New Orange Wednesdays

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Meerkat Movies Is The New Orange Wednesdays Meerkat Movies Log 3238559a

The whole country was devastated when Orange Wednesdays recently hung up its gloves meaning we all had to pay full whack at the cinema again.

Fear no more, Meerkat Movies is here to replace it – but there’s a catch, obviously.

Compare The Market have taken over the hugely popular Orange Wednesdays 2 for 1 scheme, but they want something from you first.

They’ll give you 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a year, but only when you buy one of their qualifying products – this could be anything from switching a credit card, purchasing a single trip travel insurance policy or switching energy suppliers.

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You’ll redeem your cinema tickets from their app, once you become a customer, however, if you already ARE a customer of then you need not fear. You’ll be getting your cheapskate tickets for your loyalty.

Marketing Director, Mark Vile, said:

We are in the business of saving consumers time and money and now we’re rewarding them with membership of Meerkat Movies, our new generous added value loyalty programme.

This is the biggest step change for the brand since launching the Meerkat Toy Collection in 2011 and reinforces our commitment to rewarding our customers.

Meerkat Movies opens up the exciting world of film for us and allows us to offer our customers the magic of movies for less every Tuesday and Wednesday for a whole year.

So, how desperate are you for a free cinema ticket?