Meet The British Guys Who Travel To America To Pull Women Using Their Accent

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Four British lads travelled thousands of miles to put their British accents to use pulling American girls, and it worked.

Crissy Milazzo writing for Vice News travelled with the four lads – William, Dan, Carl and Chris – when they visited San Diego on New Year’s Eve, as part of their international pickup tour.


Milazzo reports that the four made a tradition of going to a “bumblefuck college town” in America where they’d use their British accents to impress girls and have as much sex as possible – just like the bumbling Colin (Kris Marshall) from Love Actually, who used his British charm to seduce American girls.

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The lads weren’t overly impressed with San Diego though, despite all of them pulling, with William saying: “A British accent is nothing [in San Diego,] but middle America? It’s the best tool in the world.”

The tradition started two years ago and Dan told Vice that they don’t make any special effort: “We wear our street clothes out, casual clothes, and birds are like ‘Oh, you look so nice! You’re dressed up!'”


Apparently this particular sex tour was William’s first, while his friends Dan, Carl, and Chris had already made their way through several college towns, including Auburn, West Chester, Syracuse, Tuscaloosa, and Tempe, all banking on the assumption that British dudes are more attractive than American ones.

The lads weren’t entirely honest with the American ladies and admitted to lying to girls when they met them, saying they were writers from GQ, or the entire band the Arctic Monkeys.

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Chris confirmed that their lies sometimes stretch to their names as well, adding:

 We have fake names, sometimes. Picture this: you’re in Alabama, and girls are like, what’re your names? And we’re like, Archie, Cecil, Ramsey, Danny. They’re like ‘awww!’ like we’ve just brought out a small animal!


Vice report that the boys trick is a strange variation on the infamous ‘neg’. They claim that the lads very presence in these small towns seems to be the ‘neg’ in question, with their just being there, saying: “We’re here, we sound cooler than that guy you fucked last week, and we’ll give you a more interesting story to tell than anything you could drum up in this town.”

The boys don’t think what they’re doing is wrong and say there not pick-up artists and instead they’re just “fun-loving English people having a good time” who don’t want to fuck anyone over.