‘Meh’ And ‘Twerk’ Officially Make It Into The Dictionary

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Meh And Twerk Officially Make It Into The Dictionary twerkGetty

Miley Cyrus has a lot to answer for.

Chief among them at the minute is the fact that the word ‘twerk’ has managed to make it into the dictionary, along with a whole host of other phrases that will have the younger generation cheering and the older ones just shaking their heads in disbelief.

The Oxford English Dictionary has added 500 words and apparently, all the words have earned their place, with senior editor Fiona Persons claiming that the were ‘quite surprised’ twerk managed to meet the standards needed to make the cut.

Meh And Twerk Officially Make It Into The Dictionary meh

To make said cut, the word has to have been around in newspapers or novels for the last decade. Who knew.

Twerk is joined by ‘meh’ which apparently has origins dating back to 1992, but that has nothing on the mighty twerk, that dates back to 1820 and given it is defined as a combination of twisting and jerking, is little wonder the hybrid word of ‘twerk’ came into play.

FLOTUS and e-cigarette have also managed to get honourable mentions as the amount of words in the dictionary gets ever longer.



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