Men Can Now Experience Actual Child Birth Pain

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Men Can Now Experience Actual Child Birth Pain child

Child birth is often described as the worst pain a living person can go through. And we’re not the kind of people that try and knock it down. We’re aware that it really is, PAINFUL.


But often men and women will battle it out over what is the worst pain you can go through. Men will often argue that a kick in the balls is worse than labour. It’s a controversial one, and is often met with hostility, but now there’s a solution.


Thanks to a hospital in China, men can now experience labour pain by using a specially made child birth simulation machine.

Men Can Now Experience Actual Child Birth Pain child 2

Father to be Guang Liao, 29, said: “My wife is expecting a baby in three months and we had a row when I told not to make such a fuss. When she found out about this project she told me that I had to sign up for it so I also know what it was all about.”

“It was really incredibly painful and I only had it for a few minutes. If it went on for hours I don’t know if I’d be able to bear it.”

According to hospital sources, one man even cried during the simulation. Brilliant. This machine can stay in China, I don’t think us lot are ready for it yet.