Men Reveal How They Really Feel About Female Public Hair

By : Sam Ridgway |



It turns out that when it comes to female pubic hair, men prefer less than more. But, you already knew that.

A three-day survey conducted by AskMen came with the goal of trying to find out what the attitudes were from the male perspective, towards women’s pubic hair.

Over 5000 people responded and the results pretty much prove that the Brazilian is the king. No surprise there, then. In the survey, 41% of the those asked said they that prefer women to be completely shaved, with 38% saying they prefer public hair to be short and well-groomed.


The survey also revealed how pubic hair would affect a man’s dating preference, and a massive 85% of thos surveyed said that public hair wouldn’t affect anything when it came to either hooking up and/or dating a woman.


Another big number, 91%, proved that a high percentage of the men involved have never ended a date or sexual encounter due to a woman’s grooming choices.

AskMen quoted one man as saying: “While I have personal preferences, a woman has the final say in what she wants to do with her area down below.”


On the other hand, around 40% of men admitted that they feel pressure to keep their own pubic region ‘manscaped’ because they feel that if women are doing the same, then so should they. A low 12% of men said they didn’t feel this pressure.


For a more in-depth analysis, check out AskMen’s version.