Mila Kunis Being Sued for Stealing A Chicken As A Child

By : Sam Ridgway |



I’ve heard and read about some dodgy lawsuits in my time, but this one might just be the greatest and most bizarre ever.

Basically, Mila Kunis is allegedly being sued by a childhood friend who claims Mila stole one of her chickens from her when she was around five-years-old. Yep.

Kristina Karo says Mila stole her beloved chicken – brilliantly named Doggie – that they would play with together and, according to reports, needed therapy after the trauma of the theft.

mila kunis will make your monday

The lawsuit even goes on to add that Karo felt so strongly about the loss that when she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career, living in the same city as Kunis brought back terrible memories – and she required further treatment because of it.

Surprisingly, though, Kristina is only looking for damages of up to $5000 which will cover her therapy. With the lawsuit being so whacky, I expected at least $1 million.

So maybe it’s real afterall…


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