MMA Fighter Chases Down Bank Robber, Hogties Him Until Police Arrive

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MMA Fighter Chases Down Bank Robber, Hogties Him Until Police Arrive 1121

If you’re going to rob a bank, it’s probably best not to do it with an MMA fighter around.

I accidentally caught a shoplifter during a police chase once.

It wasn’t quite as epic as it sounds, though. I was walking through town with my mate when we heard shouting from behind us. I turned around and saw police chasing a lad. I was stood next to a wall, and for some reason, the lad ran straight at me, and I didn’t really have time to move. I sort of braced myself and he ran head first into me, and because I was braced he just hit the deck, and gave me a dirty look, as the police arrested him. I’m not entirely sure why he looked at me as though it was my fault, I’m hardly a crime fighter. I was stood completely still. Bellend.

Anyway, I certainly didn’t tackle him to the ground and hogtie him until the police arrived.

But that is exactly what MMA fighter Eric Haritakis did when he entered a bank moments after a robbery had taken place. He ran out after the culprit, tackled him to the ground, then duct taped him. Sort of like a heroic kidnap. I’m not entirely sure where he pulled duct tape from, though.

County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri was thankful to Haritakis, but doesn’t advise that people go renegade and try catching criminals themselves.

You can be trained all you want with your hands, but hands don’t stop bullets.

If this guy had a gun as you know he’s robbing a bank, MMA or, you know, Hulk Hogan — it really doesn’t make a difference.

Nice work, lad.


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