Model Dumps Gangster For Cheating On Her With Male Cell Mate

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This man was caught cheating on his girlfriend whilst being in prison. How? By shagging his cell mate.

Gangster Rustem Chirila was dumped by his model girlfriend Madalina Secuianu after she learned that he was cheating on her with a man.

When he first got put behind bars for posing as a police officer and trying to steal a load of gold the model promised her boyfriend that she would stay faithful and kept that promise for two years. But she started feeling a distance between them, not just because he was in jail.

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She decided to confront he estranged lover and ask him if he was seeing someone else (not a very normal question considering the circumstances).

Secuianu said: “When I suddenly decided to ask if maybe he was seeing someone else, I was stunned when he admitted it. He told me ‘what do you expect me to do for the next three years?'”

If the gangster did say that then he’s got a fair point I suppose. But I would die before I swapped a girl like her for a bloke, let alone the one I imagine him to be sharing a cell with. And did I mention the crook is 35? Like he’s going to get a 25-year-old model ever again.