Model Tries To Extort $2,000 From NHL Legend With Sex Selfie

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43-year-old NHL player Jaromir Jagr slept with an 18-year-old model recently. This became public knowledge after she threatened to go to the media with the gossip and he more or less said go for it. 

After having sex the young woman took a selfie of her and the elite athlete in bed. It is believed that she (or someone associated with her) then threatened to sell it to the media and put it on the internet unless Jagr paid $2,000.

Jagr’s response was: “I don’t care.”

He’s a single bloke so doesn’t have anything to hide from a wife or a girlfriend.

Obviously, he’s not phased if people want to judge the age difference morally…because legally, well, it’s all above board. The blackmailer really had fuck all leverage when you think about it.

Asking for only $2,000 seems like her own confidence in the extortion was quite low. It’s almost like a “worth a shot” after thought.

What’s bizarre is that the young model is actually the one with everything to lose here.

According to her Instagram she is dating junior Czech hockey prospect Dominik Rudl, who credits Jagr as an idol. I guess there’s a breakup on the horizon.

People have been doing Jagr selfie’s to poke fun at the photo.



Anyway, we live in creepy times.


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