Model Wears A Corset For 23 Hours A Day To Get A 20-Inch Waist

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Model Wears A Corset For 23 Hours A Day To Get A 20 Inch Waist corset 640x426

These days everyone wants an ass like Kim Kardashian and a waist like Miranda Kerr – and unless you are a supermodel or have pots of cash, neither are too easy to achieve.

Despite this, one model has taken to extreme lengths to get a tiny 20-inch waist, wearing a corset for 23 hours a day for the last SIX years.

Aleira Avendaño turned to the rather unconventional measures when she found both diet and exercise were eluding her – and now has 34DD breasts along with a minuscule waist – giving a rather Jessica Rabbit type cartoon look.

While it may not be perfection in the eyes of some people, the model calls it the ‘best thing to have happened to me’ and will not be taking the corset off in the near future – despite being told by medical professionals that it could cause her serious health issues.

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