Moron Drug Dealer Leaves His Weed On A Train, So Goes To Lost Property To Collect It

By : Alex Bentley |


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Some people are too stupid to comprehend.

If I was ever carrying £5,000 worth of illegal drugs on me (which I wouldn’t, I’m a good boy), I would never let the bag leave my hand, let alone sight. And I definitely wouldn’t leave the thing on a train.

But it would appear that I am a lot more vigilant than Tomasz Tyszka, a drug dealer from Doncaster. He left a bag filled with a huge stash of weed on a train, then went to the lost property department in Leeds Train Station to get it back. What a plonker.

Unsurprisingly, staff could smell the weed when they obtained the unattended luggage, so they notified the police, who were waiting for him when he came to pick it up. When they searched him, he was also carrying over £5,000 in cash. Smart.

He has been charged with possession with intent to supply.

[Via The Star]