Moronic Drug Dealer Posts Pictures Of Money And Drugs On Instagram

By : Rebecca Knight |



You’d think that to cut it in the criminal world, being a high class drug dealer, you’d at least need some street smarts or that a bit of an IQ would be required.

Not if Junior Francis is anything to go by, with the 33-year-old taking to that not so secret social media app that is Instagram and posting pictures of not only wads of cash but also captions basically telling the world what his occupation entails.

The less than intelligent man has now seen his home raided by police, who found £75,000 worth of cocaine and heroin along with £7,000 in cash.

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Sadly for Junior, they don’t let you use Instagram in jail, so we won’t be able to keep up with his activities for a good few years – depending on good behaviour that is.

[via Brobible]