Morrisons Release Rugby Pizza That Looks Like A Vagina, People Meltdown

By : Rebecca Knight |


UNILAD vag14i100

There are all sorts of things going on at the minute in honour of the Rugby World Cup.

From pubs doing special offers to supermarkets putting on cheap deals for beer, it’s a good time to be a fan of the sport – unless you support England, obviously.

So when Morrisons decided to release a rugby shaped pizza, they probably didn’t think too much of it.

UNILAD vag32

Sadly for them, while they might not have spotted said pizza’s resemblance to one NSFW part of the female anatomy, eagle eyed shoppers certainly did.

Obviously Twitter reacted in style, with most people slightly confused, if a little amused by the situation…

Oh, and then there was the innocent family, who didn’t see anything wrong with it at all…