Move Over Duracell Bunny, Hello Phone Charging Dog

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo


Move Over Duracell Bunny, Hello Phone Charging Dog vbnmkl

Y’all know the feeling of utter dread. That panic in the pit of your stomach. The impending doom. The sweaty palms. The knowledge that your phone is about to die and there is nothing you can do about it. Well think again.

A handful of lucky festival goers may actually be able to bring some life back to their mobile phones in the cutest way possible after Morphie decided to send a group of adorable St Bernard dogs to the rescue with a power reserve battery tied around their necks.

The dogs, originally used to deliver aid to stranded people and not dead i phones, will be around at the South by Southwest festival – and all you have to do to get a visit from one is snap a screenshot (before your phone dies obviously) and send it to @morphie and use the hashtag #morphierescue. Epic doesn’t even begin to cover it!

[Via USA Today]