Mum Takes Away Girl’s iPhone, Girl Tries To Poison Her With Bleach

By : Rebecca Knight |



One 12 year old girl took rebellion a little bit too far after allegedly deciding to poison her mother after she took away her iPhone. Now we are big fans of Apple and their technology and have to admit we are glued to our smartphones, but this is TOO MUCH!

The method of poison chosen by the young girl – who is not even in her teens yet (pretty scary thought) – was a smoothie she made her mother containing bleach.

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At first, her mother felt it was a mistake and the bleach has simply been left in the glass from washing up – but after smelling it only a couple of days later in another drink, she began to wonder if something was amiss.

Said mother then shopped her kid to the police after finding enough evidence to have her arrested and will probably be drinking from sealed bottles for the near future.

[via UK Complex]