Naked Bike Passenger Remembers Her Helmet Because Safety First

By : Sam Ridgway |



One woman in, yep, you guessed it, Russia, has been photographed on the back of a motorbike with the necessary headgear minus ALL OF HER CLOTHES.

The unknown brunette is filmed riding through the streets of Mother Russia with a man fully dressed in protective leather due to the fact that he is clearly more fearful of third degree burns than she is.

The incident took place in Oryol, which is a city in western Russia.

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At one point, the leather-clad biker even pops a wheelie, proving that he has no care at all for his passengers wellbeing – but none of this is at all surprising.

The original video popped up on Russian social networking website VKontakte, and has since made its way onto both Twitter and YouTube.

Remember kids, safety first, but clothes even first-er.