Naked Man Arrested For Screaming At Kids From His Ice Cream Van

By : Alex Bentley |



We’ve all had one of ‘them’ days.

Those days where you just want to yell at kids while naked…

Or not.

Unless you’re Ryan Duff from New York, it’s probably not something you’ve ever thought about doing, let alone actually carrying out.

He clearly despised his job, and stripped to his undies and was screaming in the faces of any kids that came up to his ice cream van, and after parents reported him, police turned up and arrested him.

It’s no real surprise that the police later confirmed that he was on drugs, despite refusing a drugs test (usually a sure sign).

A police spokesperson said:

Anytime that you have an individual out in public, dealing with children or just the general public, and all of a sudden they’re stripped down to their underwear — that’s going to raise a few eyebrows, and it certainly did with us.

An ice cream man near me got sent to prison for selling drugs from his van. It’s obviously very bad, but at least he had clothes on…


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