Naked Man Gets Stuck 100ft Up In The Air On Open Drawbridge

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Naked Man Gets Stuck 100ft Up In The Air On Open Drawbridge 55619a3f6bd17 Untitled1SUN SENTINEL/AP

This naked bloke go stuck 100ft up in the air on a drawbridge… NAKED.

The unidentified naked fella was preparing jump into the New River in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, when the bridge started to lift up. He apparently made his way to the middle of the bridge and was seen on a 6ftx6ft steel platform.

The bridge kept lifting, until he was stuck at the top, tanning his arse.

Witnesses saw him waving for help, and the fire service eventually arrived. They realised that they couldn’t lower the bridge because he would fall off, so had to scale the structure to get him down.

He didn’t make it easy for them though, and kept freaking out whenever somebody went near him.

Deputy Fire Rescue Chief Timothy Heiser said:

He didn’t want anyone to come near him.

Every time he moved, all of us that were on scene, our hearts stopped wondering if he’s getting up to jump.

The man, thought to be homeless, was taken to hospital and treated for burns.


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