Naked Woman With Knife In Her Hand Has Brilliant Excuse

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Naked Woman With Knife In Her Hand Has Brilliant Excuse zombie naked

We all know some pretty grim and rough areas, and have seen some ODD people walking around, especially after dark. But this is next level.

Walking in a straight line, completely naked, holding a butchers knife with a green pot on her head, 45-year-old Ukrainian Elena Yegorova unsurprisingly worried passers by.

A bypasser said:

It is probably the weirdest thing I have ever seen. She was completely starkers, walking in a straight line, muttering something to herself and holding a knife in one hand and a meat cleaver in the other. I thought she was clearly off her rocker and how she managed to see where she was going I have no idea. I was worried that she might harm someone or herself so I called the police.

Yegorova claims that she was rehearsing for a play. She is doing a stage production of Dawn Of The Dead, and was wandering around dressed that way, muttering to herself, in preparation for her role as a zombie.

I doubt that Rick Grimes would have stood and listened to that explanation to be honest.