NASA Offering To Pay People £12K To Lie In Bed For Three Months

By : Sam Ridgway |


2nasa pay bed

NASA wants to pay people to lie in bed for 70 days straight and no we’re not joking.

It’s for a ‘bed rest study’ and the chosen ‘relaxtronauts’ will receive a cool £12,000 at the end of the gruelling programme.

We said gruelling for a reason, though. Because after three weeks of relaxation in a nice facility, the experiment will intensify and participants will have to pretty much lie as still as possible for the most part.


Basically, you’ll have to go toilet in a bedpan and become a horizontal statue until you reach the finish line. But when and if you do, you’ll have enough money to slap a deposit down on a mortgage. Tidy.

The reason behind the experiment is so that NASA can document the long-term effects of zero gravity on the human body.

To apply, you’re going to have to be unemployed (or have a lot of holidays left in work), pretty lazy, and oh, able to travel to the U.S.

Check it out here.