Netflix CEO Says Traditional Television Will Be Dead In 16 Years

By : Sam Ridgway |



Other than the footy, or your missus watching X Factor, how often do you actually use your TV for actual television programmes?

Not much? Yeah, we know. Well Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has predicted that by 2030, traditional TV will be dead, and replaced by internet TV. Obviously.

When one of the main people involved with moving how we watch television forward says something like that, you tend to listen. And his statements pretty much say what has been on the tip of most peoples tongues for the last few years.

netflix movies expiring jan 2014

With television generally being quite shite these days, people tend to go straight to Netfilx to watch one of the recently added films or binge on endless boxsets.

After Netflix’s recent rise in Latin America, Hastings was speaking at a Netflix conference. He said: “..kind of like the horse, you know, the horse was good until we had the car.”

Damn. You can’t argue with that.