Netflix Changes Sexist ‘Pocahontas’ Description After Online Backlash

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UNILAD pocahontas summary 42 Netflix Changes Sexist Pocahontas Description After Online BacklashDisney

Someone’s getting sacked in the morning.

Apparently whoever wrote the extremely awkward Netflix summary/description for Disney classic Pocahontas did not think through the sexist connotations of their words.

The issue really came to light last month when Adrienne Keene, author of the blog Native Appropriations, spotted that Netflix’s take on the 1995 movie had a strange connotation.



Remember when she was a cool free-spirited woman and actually prevented a war between settlers and natives? Netflix apparently don’t.

Keene, who isn’t a huge fan of the film’s portrayal of Native Americans to begin with, pointed out on Twitter that the description only furthered negative stereotypes of Native American women.

Although the love story is a big part of the movie, Keene went on to compare the Pocahontas Netflix summary to those describing Disney films featuring male protagonists, noting that their love interests were never mentioned, while observing that the men were always painted in strong and heroic tones.

Realising their error, Netflix responded to Keene in an email, thanking her for bringing the issue to their attention and admitting they “could do better.”

They wrote:

The synopsis was has been updated to better reflect Pocahontas’ active role and to remove the suggestion that John Smith was her ultimate goal.


And here’s the new Netflix description for Pocahontas:

UNILAD pocahontas summary 16 Netflix Changes Sexist Pocahontas Description After Online BacklashNetflix

Much better!