New App Lets You See Facebook Friend’s Past And Present Locations

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One pretty invasive new app allows you to see the past and present locations of your Facebook friends.

The app is called Marauder’s Map, and is named after the magical map from Harry Potter that is used to track people. This one, however, shows the location of every message that your friends have sent you within Facebook Messenger.

A bubble pops up of your chosen person’s most recent location, then once clicked, it shows you all of the past locations that they have messaged you from.

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The app works as an extension for the Chrome browser, and if installed correctly, brings up a map in the bottom left of your screen.

However, it only works if the user had their location settings enabled when they sent you the message. And with more and more news surfacing regarding privacy issues with your new devices, the number of people disabling their location settings is rising fast. And rightly so.

This app in particular was designed to highlight just how much information people are giving out on popular apps like Facebook Messenger – and it certainly does the trick.


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