New Police ‘Drugalyser’ Test Touching Down This Christmas

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New Police Drugalyser Test Touching Down This Christmas breathalyser image 1 940348040

Police forces now have a new weapon that will more than likely see a lot more people behind bars this Christmas and New Year.

It’s being dubbed the ‘drugalyser’ and it will be able to tell if you’ve taken drugs (and what drugs they were) before getting behind the wheel.

The new kits that were approved by the Home Office last week allow police to instantly test drivers for both narcotics and legal highs.

New Police Drugalyser Test Touching Down This Christmas Prescription Drug Home Detox

This also includes prescription medicines, strong painkillers, sleeping pills and drugs to treat anxiety, which can impair the ability to concentrate while driving.

At present, officers have to arrest drug driving suspects and take them to a police station to undergo blood tests that must be conducted under medical supervision. This often gives suspects time to rid themselves of any drugs. However they can also delay tests in a number of ways.

With the ‘drugalyser’ this isn’t possible. And anyone under the influence will be arrested and charged ASAP.