New Study Reveals Dogs Can Detect Cancer With 98% Accuracy

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New Study Reveals Dogs Can Detect Cancer With 98% Accuracy tgfr

Dogs are amazing. I find myself saying that a lot, but each time I do it’s for another great reason… Like their ability to detect cancer.


The Department of Urology at the Humanitas Clinical and Research Centre in Milan has discovered that dogs are able to detect cancer in humans, with an accuracy of 98%. Incredible.


The study was based around German Shepards sniffing the urine of 900 men. 360 of which had prostate cancer, and the dogs could pick them out with almost pin point accuracy. It’s obviously a big breakthrough because it means that the sooner it can be detected, the sooner it can be treated.

New Study Reveals Dogs Can Detect Cancer With 98% Accuracy oikjmn

Dr. Claire Guest of The Department of Urology spoke about the discovery:

These results are spectacular. They offer us further proof that dogs have the ability to detect human cancer. It is particularly exciting that we have such a high success rate in the detection of prostate cancer, for which the existing tests are woefully inadequate.

Over the years, millions of pounds of NHS funding has been poured into the traditional test methods, and yet there has been little improvement in their reliability.

The detection dogs provide alternative solution that yields consistently accurate results. If our detection dogs were a machine, there would be huge demand for them.

At the minute, doctors take blood tests, biopsies, and all sorts of exams to test for cancer. So imagine how much easier it could be if a dog could just sniff your wee and let you know.

Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing dogs throwing on scrubs in the future?!