Nickelodeon Viewers Shocked By X-Rated Cartoon

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Viewers of Nickelodeon cartoon Oggy and The Cockroaches were in for a surprise when they aired an x-rated episode, that featured a topless woman with a huge pair of t*ts.

Parents of an 8-year old boy were left unimpressed by the airing of the cartoon, as they had to have the famous sex ed “talk” with him about a woman’s body.

The explicit episode shows a portrait of a woman wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and expose her fairly large breasts. Nickelodeon are yet to comment, but it’ll be great to see what their excuse will be.

Although it’s not the first time a children’s cartoon has a sexual nature, or actually refer to the dance with no pants.

1. In an episode of Cartoon Networks ‘Chowder’ there is a talking ice-cream that tells Chowder to “suck the cream from the bottom.” When Chowder tells the ice-cream that it’s a good idea, it responds “tell that to my wife.”

Nickelodeon Viewers Shocked By X Rated Cartoon Chowder and Mr Fugu

2. Nicktoons classic ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ had an episode where Rocko becomes a phone sex operator, where there rules are ‘Be Hot, Be Naughty, Be Courteous.’

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3. ‘Ed, Edd and Eddy’ had an episode where Eddy hides his dirty magazines ‘Jiggy Jiggy’ under his bed, along with a bunch of scrunched up tissues. I think it’s clear what this in reference to.

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