Nigel Farage Fails To Become An MP, Loses South Thanet Seat

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Nigel Farage Fails To Become An MP, Loses South Thanet Seat ad 168387185

It was an incredibly late result, but it’s finally all over for Nigel Farage after losing the Kent seat of South Thanet.

The leader of UKIP vowed to resign if he failed to capture the seat that everyone has been talking about. And that happened this morning, after Conservative Party candidate and former UKIP leader, Craig Mackinlay, pipped him on home turf.

Mackinlay was a part of UKIP from 1997, but only served as leader for less than a month before leaving to join the Conservative party in 2005.

So what’s next for Nigel? Probably the pub. And if the controversial party leader does end up stepping down, it’s probably over for UKIP too, as it was Farage’s antics and charismatic nature that allowed them to experience some of their greatest success in the last 5 years.

We also expect Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg to resign today in what will be a very significant day for British politics, after one of the most interesting General Elections in the history of the country.

We’ll just wait for it to blow over.


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