Nigel Farage Still Leader Of UKIP After Resignation Is Rejected

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Nigel Farage has withdrawn his resignation as leader of Ukip just four days after standing down, following the party’s refusal to accept his resignation.

Farage had repeatedly stated that he would step down if he did not win his target seat of South Thanet in the general election. His argument was that it was not credible to lead the party without being in the House of Commons.

After losing by roughly 2,000 votes to the Tories (and UKIP defector), Craig Mackinlay, the Ukip leader said he would stick to his pledge branding himself ‘a man of his word’

However, Steve Crowther, UKIP party chairman said there was “overwhelming evidence” the UKIP membership did not want Mr Farage to go.

As promised, Nigel Farage tendered his official resignation as leader of Ukip to the NEC. This offer was unanimously rejected by the NEC members, who produced overwhelmingly evidence that the Ukip membership did not want Nigel to go.

Nigel is a man of his word, so surely he should refuse to accept the refusal of his resignation – or was it just another politican’s promise??

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I am sure there are a few Man United fans, who will be wondering why the club accepted Ferguson’s resignation.


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