Nurse Takes Selfie With Pensioners Bum In Background

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Nurse Takes Selfie With Pensioners Bum In Background nurse bum selfie tn e1419963389329


This nurse took and posted a selfie while on shift, with a pensioner receiving an injection to the bum in shot behind her.


Vladislava Sledzinskaya from Kazakhstan has sparked outrage by posting the photo which has since gone viral.

Pensioner Anastasia Kharlamova, 73, went in for an injection and had no idea that the photo was being taken, and was quite clearly not impressed, saying:


“I can’t believe this woman took a photo of herself in front of my backside. What sort of person does that? It is most unprofessional.”

A viewer of the photo in Kazakhstan, Eva Kazantseva said:

“This sort of thing is what you would expect from Borat, not from a professional nurse in a hospital.”