Nutcase Couple Hang From Cliff 2700ft Above Rio

By : Rebecca Knight |


leo webLeonardo Edson Pereira/ Caters

While most people get a little bit worried about heights when climbing up a ladder, Leonardo Edson Pereira, 23, and his girlfriend Victoria Medeiros Nader, 18, are very different.

In fact, after seeing images of the couple hanging off a 2,700 ft cliff in Rio, Brazil, it’s safe to say the couple pretty much break the mould when it comes to heights and being daredevils.

Pereira took his girlfriend with him on his latest thrill seeking adventure, with Pedra de Gavea their conquest this time.

leo3Leonardo Edson Pereira/ Caters
leo5Leonardo Edson Pereira/ Caters

The images really are breathtaking and depict just one of the many times Pereira has climbed the Pedra de Gavea.

He claimed:

I love living on the edge! I know people think it’s dangerous and crazy but it makes me feel alive,’ Leonardo says.

It is really high and I do just hang on using my arm strength. I have to trust myself not to fall.

leo6Leonardo Edson Pereira/ Caters

The literal translation of the rock’s name means ‘Rock of the Topsail’, and while the images certainly are something, given how high it is, we might just leave it to the couple to take selfies on top of it for now.


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