One Bad Reaction To A Legal High And This Girl’s Life Changed Forever

By : Rebecca Knight |


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One 16-year-old girl could never have predicted how badly wrong getting hooked on legal highs would turn out, but for Emily, who became hooked on synthetic cannabis, one bad reaction and psychotic episode followed by a week of strokes meant things would never be the same again.

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Speaking to TLC’s Jodie Marsh On Drugs, her family expressed just how devastated they were, noting they blamed themselves for being out working too much and that despite thinking Emily would not survive after her bad reaction to the legal high, she pulled through but now has extensive brain damage, cannot feed, bathe or clothe herself and needs full time care from her parents.

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Despite pulling through, life is now changed forever for not only Emily but her whole family, and as her mother claims, none of them could have foreseen this.

Tonya noted:

She can’t dress herself, she can’t sign her name, she can’t play video names, she can’t clean herself after the bathroom,

‘No teenage girl thinks her dad is going to be helping her in the bathroom.

Undeniably tragic but perhaps also a warning against legal highs should be taken from this.