One Direction Have Split Up, Zayn Malik Exit ‘Too Much To Handle’

By : Sam Ridgway |



The One Direction train has finally come to an end after five years as the band have just announced their official breakup.

It seems the recent Zayn Malik exit has put a huge strain on the boys, who have not been able to complete their 2015 tour of Asia as a four-piece and are currently on their way back to London to finalise their decision.

A press conference is set to happen shortly after.


Speaking on behalf of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, manager and long-time mentor Simon Cowell stated:

It’s been a long two weeks for the band, and after a series of performances as a four-piece, they have decided that enough is enough – for now.

They are currently on their way back to the UK where they will recoup their thoughts and make the official announcement.

However, all four of the boys are completely distraught, and just want to be with their mothers.

And on that bombshell…

If you actually got down here without realising, then shame on you. And we apologise for any disheartening caused by this.

We’re really, really sorry.