One Mushroom Can Give A Woman An Orgasm From Sniffing It, Apparently

By : Rebecca Knight |


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One mushroom apparently has rather special properties indeed.

The Dictyophora mushroom as it’s known, is reportedly so special that it can prompt a woman to orgasm – and give her what a guy might not be able to.

According to research, half the women who sniffed the mushroom experienced orgasm.

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The magical properties of the mushroom first emerged back in 2001, in The International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, but has once again hit the headlines, and given the rumoured benefits, that hardly comes as a shock.

If anyone wanted to go and hunt the mushroom down – because as far as we know, it’s not available in supermarkets yet – it grows on dried lava flows in Hawaii, and comes from the species Phallus indusiatus, which just sounds dirty already.