One Year On, Still Nobody Knows Who Leaked All Those Celebrity Nudes

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Today is the first anniversary of the infamous hacking ‘The Fappening’ which saw hundreds of naked celebrity photos and selfies leaked online – yet the police are still no closer to finding the culprit.

On this day last year, graphic sexual images of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and many more celebrities were posted online by hackers and widely shared on social media, Reddit and 4Chan.


The event more or less broke the internet, with millions of curious people rushing to look at the pictures, while many more condemned the hackers for releasing personal photographs of the celebs. Victim Jennifer Lawrence described the invasion of privacy as a “sex crime”.

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At the time, lawyers for the stars worked tirelessly to wipe the images from the Internet entirely, a bid which was ultimately more or less successful, other than those very dark corners of the web.

Incredibly, however, the culprit remains at large one year on from the crime. U.S. police have searched addresses in a bid to find the criminal, but have so far failed to press charges against anyone, although they say they are investigating several people over the attack.


The hackers reportedly targeted an estimated 500 people’s iCloud accounts using a technique called “brute force hacking” – that is, using a program to essentially guess victims’ passwords. The technique is really effective against users with weak passwords. Yes, it really was as simple as that.

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Since ‘Celebgate’, Apple has taken steps to boost the security of its cloud services and the company now recommends users opt in to its two-step verification method.


You can set this up by visiting and entering your Apple ID and password as usual. Apple then sends a verification code to one of your devices and you enter the code to verify your identity and finish signing in.

The new method ensures that even if your password is remotely breached, a hacker would still need physical access to one of your devices. The news comes a bit late for Jennifer and Kate but at least you should be able to stop any strangers seeing one of your own sexy selfies!


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