Only 30 People Show Up To East 17 Show At Venue For 800

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Only 30 People Show Up To East 17 Show At Venue For 800 east 17 WEBGetty

1990s boyband East 17 were left pretty red faced when they performed a concert to just 30 people.

The former heartthrobs are currently in the midst of a reunion tour (sort of) but their show in Dublin didn’t go down so well, with the embarrassingly low number of fans showing up to a venue supposed to hold more than 800.

John Hendy, Terry Coldwell and Robbie Craig even delayed their performance at the Academy for an hour in the vain hope that more ticket holders would show up.

Part of the problem is that Brian Harvey and Tony Mortimer, the lead singers who featured on the band’s biggest hits, aren’t a part of the current lineup.

Speaking to the Sun, Tom Flynn, one of the members of the minuscule audience at the Academy, said:

They looked so ridiculous performing to nobody. Tony Mortimer and Brian Harvey, who sang all their big hits, aren’t with the band any more. So you just have the guys that did the dancing, John Hendy and Terry Coldwell, with a new singer called Robbie Craig.

Awkward. If only they could have encouraged their fans to stay another day…