P Diddy Put Drake In The Hospital For Flirting With His Missus

By : Sam Ridgway |



Pray for Drake. Because he just got knocked the f*ck out by PUFF DADDY, of all people. Well, if the rumours are true that is.

During a party at Club LIV in Miami where both rappers were attending, Diddy fed Drake a fist sandwich. The reason? Drake was flirting with Diddy’s missus Cassie Ventura.

Not that we blame him, the 28-year-old singer is absolutely smoking hot.

600full cassie ventura

Apparently, Diddy “tried several times” to stop Drake from flirting with Ventura, but failed. He then punched him in the face and somehow managed to dislocate his shoulder in the process. We imagine the fight looked something similar to watching two wet blankets in a washing machine.

DJ ‘Sam Sneaker’ of maybach Music was in attendance and live tweeted the incident as it happened.


There are no other reports. And neither rapper has said anything on the situation.

H/T Daily mail