Paintball Company Offering £40,000 Job As ‘Human Paintball Tester’

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Paintball Company Offering £40,000 Job As Human Paintball Tester 295

If you like pain, and are currently unemployed, you are about to lose your shit.

Because paintball company UK Paintball are offering somebody a £40,000 a year salary to be shot with paintballs in order to test out new weaponry and ammo.

The ‘human bullet impact tester’ will have to run, jump, climb and stand when receiving the shots from the test equipment and best of all, they won’t be wearing any protective clothing.

The advert states that they’re looking for someone “with a high pain threshold and those to whom fear is a foreign concept”. No shit.

“It is important that we carry out health and safety checks before any new batches of paint balls are given to paying customers.” said Justin Toohig, founder of UK Paintball.

Despite the risks involved, said it has had over 40 applications. Now, where do we sign up?

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